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Studio GRiD / creative studio
for architectural visualizations
& aesthetic websites.


We are specialized in creating digital images that brings architectural design and development ideas to life in ways that help realise your project’s success. We love to think that every image has its own soul and atmosphere, as the project they’re representing. Below is shown all the process since you make order until it is delivered by us.


We need to know project deadline and the number of images we must generate.


Tell us something about your images, send us some reference images...Which are the possible points of view? Interior/ Exterior/Aerial ...what’s the mood you have in mind? Dusky sky/Sunny day/Night time/Foggy/Rainy etc...and what size and resolution of images you need.


Please send us tiny PDF in which we could see the site location-googe maps referenced, program of the project and uses containeded in it. Also send us environment, surroundings, furniture style and materials references. So we need all images and graphic materials you think could help us in getting the right vibe of the images we’ll work in. Of course, send us also technical documentation in which we could see masterplan, site, plans. sections, elevations etc.


TYou can provide us with your 3d model or send us your 2d documentation and we can build model here. Usually we receive 3d models from our clients, it depends of every studio has its own drawing/modelling protocol. If you send us your 3d model please be well organised with layers, its very important and its easier to work. we suggest our clients: remove cars, people, vegetation and anything that is not architecture from your model. It’s easier to receive, work and post produce them. IMPORTANT: USE LAYERS! Again - USE LAYERS! Please arrange all elements in well organized layers such as walls, window frames, glass, oors, slabs....etc. Keep in mind that if we have to spend half-time of process in tweeking your model it’s better to start from scratch.

modus operandi

First, we make the 3d-model or we check out and tweak yours. After that we will set up to 3 view options per view, unless you provide us with a viewpoint of your choice. At the end of this stage we send you basic white render in order to discuss and agree on camera angles.

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